So it’s my very first book tag! Not only is it my first book tag but this one is extra special because it was a collaboration with my best friend @Shouni from ThroughTheBookPortal. Together we created a BBT: Song Edition and to her great joy a BBT: SRK Edition. We had a bunch of fun creating choosing the songs and I hope you like it just as much.

Disclaimer: The songs were chosen either by their lyrics or the visual presentation. Spoilers ahead.

Mehndi Laga Ke Rakhna: Favorite Star-Crossed Lovers

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Images by Kevin Wada

Matthias and Nina from Six of Crows. These two right here put my heart through a lot. They both helped each other grow as people and they were incredibly cute together. My heart still aches to this day.

Kamli: Favorite hero/heroine

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helene aquilla

Image by seiyakanie

Hands down Helene Aquilla. If you’ve read any of my Ember related reviews or had the misfortune of talking about that series with me then you already know how much I adore Helene. She’s as tough as she is a dreamer and her development in TATN alone secured this spot for her.

Nimbooda: Favorite character with a bitter/sour personality

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Image by Kevin Wada

From Six of Crows, the one, the only Kaz Brekker. He puts up a harsh, bitter persona to the world and uses it time and time again to create fear in his enemies and friends alike. After all, if your friends think you are capable of horrendous things so will your enemies. However, if you’re in his inner circle or one of the millions of people to read the series, you know under the right conditions this bitter lemon can become sweet.

Darling: Favorite character from another culture

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and i darken coverstar touched

This one was a bit hard for me so I’m going to mention two characters I adore. Lada from And I Darken and Maya from The Star Touched Queen. Lada comes from Wallachia but has lived in the Ottoman Empire with her brother for many years. Maya hails from a fantasy kingdom based on India with a story inspired by Hindu mythology. I was already interested in things like the Ottoman Empire and Hindu mythology so these two books and they’re characters were perfect for me.

Albela Sajan: Cutest Reunion or Confession

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Image by Viria

Last but certainly not least, this has to go to the first couple I truly ever shipped: Percy and Annabeth. They are so cute that I have to mention not one but two instances that makes them deserve this title. At the end of The Last Olympian with that famous underwater kiss and in Mark of Athena when they’re reunited at the Roman camp. Who knew judo flips could be so cute?

So, that’s it! My very first book tag complete! Of course I have to tag @Shouni to do this once she publishes her own BBT: SRK Edition. If you enjoyed this, know the songs in the list, or even just like doing book tags I also tag you!